Born in Tigeropolis.

Age (in Tiger Years) – 2 Years.

Lives in the cave complex to the North East of the Old Tigeropolis Fort together with younger brother Bittu and their mother Tala.

60 Second Interview

  • Favourite Colour – Pink (and orange and black of course)
  • Favourite Food – Tomato Bhaji
  • Favourite Sport – Keeping her little brother under control – oh and ballet!
  • School subject – History
  • Film – Life of Pi –
    Why? Because setting her little brother adrift in the middle of the ocean is her favourite fantasy, so much so that she’s busy thinking up ways to get him to take up rowing.
  • TV Programme – Historic dramas of the Mughal Empire – palaces, processions and royal events.
  • Book – Tigeropolis – The Grand Opening
    Why? Because she has had a sneak preview of the next book and loved hearing how Uncle Raj once again outwitted the Maharaja
  • Motto in Life – “Brains usually beats brawn… so why not listen to me in the first place, or failing that, at least listen to Uncle Raj.”
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