Born in Tigeropolis.

Age (in Tiger Years) – 1 Year and a Quarter.

Lives in the cave complex to the North East of the Old Tigeropolis Fort together with older sister Matti and their mother Tala.

60 Second Interview

  • Favourite Colour – Blue (and orange and black of course)
  • Favourite Food – Kulfi (or indeed any ice cream !)
  • Favourite Sport – Football
  • Favourite Team – any team with a tiger logo (you know who you are HCAFC)
  • School subject – …………………. (Editor’s note – unfortunately it seems Bittu was still thinking about this answer as we went to press).
  • Film – Tigger Movie
    Why? Well the wonderful thing about ………………
  • TV Programme – Dr Whu
  • Book – Tigeropolis – Beyond the Deep Forest
    Why? Because he says he particularly likes what happens on page 47 – it gave him the most fun he ever had in his entire life!
  • Motto in Life – “There’s always another adventure round every corner.”
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