To save Tigeropolis, help tiger cub Bittu get word out that the tigers have returned.

Your mission is to get Bittu to pose for photographs at the “World Famous, Famous Tiger Viewing Spot”.

Make sure the tourists go to the right place with camera at the ready.


You achieve your goal when the Newsreader announces: “Great news, the tigers have returned to Tigeropolis!

Walk Through Video

For hints and tips watch the video... press here

Walk through video

Tips & Clues

To move from location to location, exit a scene to explore the map.

Make sure you explore the five locations and pick up items you need; keys, pug markers, crank handle, selfie-stick and camera.

Learn the skills of roaring and sneaking.

Key to success:

  • Don’t forget to pick things up along the way...
  • Before you leave the Cave (using the keys), collect something to make your 'mark on the world’ – essential to lure the tourists outside when you are in the Palace.
  • Outside the cave you’ll find Uncle Raj who has a skill to teach – something that even an elephant can’t forget – attention-grabbing and newsworthy in the final scene.
  • In the Jungle Clearing you’ll find a starting handle that makes a very good replacement for a wind-up gramophone.
  • Over at the Guards Hut you must distract both guards (it’s just possible that bells and wiring might come in handy) so that Bittu can pick up the ‘lost’ camera.
  • Explore the Set of Steps top right of the clearing – it leads to the most spectacular Viewpoint.
  • Once you’ve got the camera, you need to give it to the waiting jeep driver to return to the tourists. You can’t quite reach him. Perhaps you need some form of stick to help... somewhere outside the Palace there might be a solution...
  • Up at the Palace, try speaking to the elephant, you might need to move him along to get inside... if only you could roar.
  • Once inside, you must get past the tourists unnoticed. They want to see a tiger more than anything, but not too close, so the spooky corridor comes in handy. Notice the doorways have symbols above, and remember everything is done in threes.
  • Out by the Lake the crocodile has a helpful item he’s more than happy to give up. Don’t forget to investigate where that dolphin door leads. Muddy tracks can sometimes lead to success... could this be where the paw-print pug markers come in?
  • With your tourists finally at Lookout Point everything is set. But hang on a minute, they still need that camera. If you haven’t yet realised that the jeep driver can return the camera to its owner, all you need to do is put the camera within easy reach for him when he wakes up.
  • The scene is set, the tourists are there with their camera, you just need to get past the monkeys without them making a sound... what about your newly acquired sneaking skill?
  • Finally, this might just be your big moment... once on Lookout Point how do you think tigers gain attention? Go on, make this scene the roaring success it deserves to be.

Also, remember, it’s always worth a good look around each location – occasionally Bittu’s got an interesting observation to make, a cheeky comment, or even a handy hint.

Good luck!

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