The story of Tigeropolis shows Tigers are losing their habitat – and are very much under threat in India.

Tigers are truly magnificent animals, yet there are probably just over 3,000 tigers left in the wild today. At the turn of last century tiger numbers where estimated at about 100,000, so in just over a hundred years tiger numbers have declined by about 95%.

So what do tigers need to survive and thrive? Tigers basically need three things – space to roam, enough prey to feed on and protection from poaching.

It all sounds simple enough, but to make it happen people need to care enough to actually change things on the ground. Thankfully there are a number of organisations trying to help.

For those of you interested in finding out more about the everyday life of tigers in the wild, why not visit:- Tiger Nation carries up to date reports on tiger sightings in many of India’s magnificent Tiger Parks and is full of fascinating photographs of tigers and other park wildlife.

We support the TigerWatch Village Guardians Initiative ( together with our friends at TOFTigers (

Welcome News, 11 April 2016

Tiger numbers show increase for first time in a century

The estimated number of wild tigers worldwide has risen for the first time in a century, conservationists say.
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