The Tigeropolis Series

The Tigeropolis series is a fun way of engaging children (8-12) with issues around the importance of protecting the environment. The books follow the activities of a family of vegetarian tigers living in the foothills of the Himalayas as they battle against a variety of challenges and try to save their forest home from the bulldozers.

The series is based on the author’s experiences in India and his long term involvement with wildlife conservation.

Beyond The Deep Forest – Book 1

An idyllic life is under threat when the tigers discover their forest is for the chop. It’s been their home for as long as anyone can remember. Faced with such a threat they have to use all their ingenuity to find a way to save their beloved Tigeropolis.

The Grand Opening – Book 2

The news that tigers have ‘returned’ to Tigeropolis has saved the Park from closure. Much still needs to be done if Tigeropolis is to be a success as a thriving tiger reserve.

Bittu and Matti are full of enthusiasm for the tasks ahead but things are a bit more complicated and the Maharaja has some old scores to settle.

Caught in the Trap – Book 3

Whilst Tigeropolis may have been saved, other more worrying dangers lurk around every corner. In Book 3, Bittu, Matti, Tala and Uncle Raj come face to face with a gang of international poachers.

Caught in the Trap is published in Late Spring 2017.

Ebooks – ebook versions are available from the usual platforms.

Audio Books – Richard E Grant narrates Beyond the Deep Forest. Available Here

Adventure Game – available from the App Store. View Promo

About the Author

R. D. Dikstra was born and brought up in Scotland and has lived in London for most of his life. He became interested in wildlife conservation after spending two weeks whale watching in Alaska. Richard has tracked Pandas in the wild in China, visited Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda and photographed Walrus and Polar bears in the Russian Far North. He has supported various conservation projects and believes low impact tourism can have a positive benefit in protecting wildlife. He first visited a tiger park in 2009 and immediately recognized that these were important places that needed to be protected. He began writing the Tigeropolis stories not long after his first ever tiger sighting.

School Talks

Richard has frequently spoken at events at Schools & Libraries across the country. He is always happy to talk about the inspiration behind his books, share some fun facts about tigers and give readings from the books. He welcomes enquiries from schools and libraries about possible talks & visits.

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