Vinni & Visha

Vinni – Tala’s cousin. He lives in the neighbouring park Rangthgarh (it’s a good 6 hour trek between parks over rough ground). Vinni is probably the most experienced tiger in terms of his dealings with humans.

Visha – Vinni’s wife and probably the best cook in all India.

Forest Officer & Guard

Senior Forest Officer – Rahul Mistry – the more senior of the two key guards at the Tigeropolis Chowki hut.

Forest Guard – Akash – Chocolate loving, sweet toothed and kind.

Maharaja Of Lis

The last in a long line of Maharajas of Lis. His Great, Great Great Grandfather and first Rawat Maharaja of Lis, ‘Salaman the Bad’, built the Old Palace over 200 years ago. Over the years the Maharaja has found it more and more difficult to keep up the Old Palace. Likes riding his hunting elephants and stopping off for tea.

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