Hidden for a generation Bittu and family are forced to re-emerge as they
battle to save their beloved TIGEROPOLIS

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  • “Loved Tigeropolis... Read More
  • “What a delightful children's book this proved to be! It is written with an audience of eight to twelve year olds in mind but I have to admit that once I started reading it, I really... Read More
  • “A really fun way of getting kids to think more about the world around them... Read More
  • “I'll be recommending it to anyone I know with children age 5-85!... Read More
  • “An enormous pleasure.... Read More
  • “I enjoyed reading Tigeropolis. I really liked Uncle Raj because he had a weird beard and I don’t think tigers are meant to have beards. It made me think about how tigers live and how... Read More
  • “I so much enjoyed Tigeropolis. It was so lively and imaginative. Such fun to read! I shall be giving it to my grand-children for Christmas!... Read More
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